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~you SUck~ [Friday, January 19th, 2007|2:51 AM]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I thought this time would be different! I thought it wouldn't turn out like it has sooo many times before! I thought i had actual found something good not an ass hole!! But what happens the same thing that always happens...I got fucked!!! I don't know how much more of this i can take like seriously what happened?? It was all so good before break everything was perfect and going good for me! then i get screwed over once again! I just want answers! I wanna know why my heart was fucked with once again! I thought you were gonna be different! I thought you weren't gonna hurt me! I thought i could move on finally and be totally better off!! Why did you hafta turn out like all the others!! I seriously thought you were genuine and one of the best things ever!! How wrong that turned out! Look at the sign on my door! Its directly for you! I'm being a bitch because you were an ass!! I didn't deserve this from you! please tell me what happened!! you suck! i thought you knew better!! i just can't believe how incredibly and totally wrong i was about you! It didnt seem possible for you to be this inconsiderate or hurt me like you did!! im just in total disbelief right now and just don't no what the hell to do anymore!! I fell head over heels for you because you started it! I finally was over everyone else except for you and it was wonderful! i was soo glad to be over everyone! Please just give me answers as to what happened! why did you lead me on! Why did you just tell me the things i wanted to hear and didn't mean any of it! Why did i let my hopes get up and why did i believe you even tho i knew i shouldnt! it just sux! you let me think i had a chance when i didn't! That sux don't do that again!! What happened to the "I miss you's" and the "I can't sleep because all i wanna do is hold you and we are so far away" or the "Your my best friend at state" was that all shit?? Do I mean absolutly nothing to you?? I bet you won't even realize im gone this weeekend b/c you'll be too drunk to notice!! Get a fucking life and don't fuck with girls hearts!!


my lover! [Friday, January 12th, 2007|1:09 AM]
heyyyyyy everyone!! life is good!! im having soooooo much fun bak at state!! my floor is fricken amazing!! woooo go 5 eats!!!! i love all the girls and all the boys yayyyy they make my life here soo much funnn!! i miss my berkley friends tho b/c they are amazing as welll :)))))) i can't wait to see you guys ttyl!! <333333

~Trying to play by the rules is tough~ [Monday, December 11th, 2006|2:37 PM]
Sooo i haven't updated in FOREVER!! and the last few times i've updated have been really depressing sounding entries lol!! this is not one of those! i'm totally happy with my life right now!! I am at state until Thursday and i'm really excited to go home for a 3 week break!! it's going to be a lot of funn being with my old friends once again!! Finals are this week and i was totally stressing over my math final last night but i took it and im pretty confident that i did well on it! I have a two day break from finals and my final on thursday is open note, open book so im definately not worried about it at least not yet!! so these next two days will probly be pretty boring!! ill chill with mckensey and sarah tomorrow then wednesday with nicole! yayyy!! i love my roommates soo much they are defiantely my best friends up here!!! we have soo much fun together and nicole and mckensey are fricken crazy but i love them!!! we decorated our room for christmas and its soo cute!! i <3 it!! I havent really been up to much on the weekends im usually chilling and the weekdays is just school nothing too interesting!! I have met a new boy tho! and hes definately a lot of fun!! hes a genuinely nice guy and i love hanging out with him!! there was som boy drama last week but thats just b/c i was confused between two guys but now i definately think my mind is made up!! hopefully wednesday doesnt change that when i hang out with the other one!! i guess we shall see! The All American Rejects concert is a WEEK from today!! i can't wait to see them again! I might have an extra ticket not sure yet!! but if you wanna go let me know its gonna be about 32 bucks!! reminder to those of you who are going i still need your money before you get your ticket!! The only sucky part about my life right now is the fact that all my friends can't be here with me!! i feel like i miss so much back at home and i want my friends to be a part of my life here!! at least next semester alyssa will be here with me that will be a lot of fun!! That's all for now!! i love and miss you all like crazy!!! <3

CSE [Tuesday, November 14th, 2006|9:50 PM]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Okay so i havent updated this thing in forever and im sorry that my one update is a vent but you would vent too if you had to take CSE 101!!! okay this class sux my ass sooo hard!!! like im not even kidding sooo if anyone plans on going to MSU or is already here is my one piece of advice: DONT EVER TAKE CSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! it seriously is the worst class i've ever taken and im gonna get my first bad grade ever!! like im soo frustrated with that class and just wanna cry every time i have it!!


~I always will be wishing you were mine~ [Monday, October 9th, 2006|10:50 PM]
[ mood | thinking ]

OMG i can't even remember the last time that i updated this thing! sooo MSU has been a lot of fun i like my classes for the most part and i LOVE my roommates!! we have sooo much fun together!! I miss my friends like crazy tho and that's definately the hardest part about living here! Although this month im seeing my friends a lot which i love!! alyssa, ang, cait and bee visited me a couple weekends ago which was amazingly fun and i cant wait for them to come back!! definately made some good friends that weekend and my shit is totally weak but whatever lol!! this weekend me and bee headed to u of m to visit danny!! it was sooo much fun but incredibly crazy!! i met some really cool guys that weekend and i had fun seeing people i hadnt seen in a while like danny, alex, lee and brad!! friday im heading home to berkley for homecoming! so if anyone wants to hang out let me know!! im definately excited to go to the football game and see everyone again!! I really miss doing all the homecoming activities especially the dance!! im gonna miss going to that soooo much!! oh well!! for some reason i just feel sad tonight! i dont really know what it is tho! i guess im just in one of those moods! parts of my life don't make sense at all and im confused about some things!! college was a huge transition which i didnt have much of a probly getting used to but i guess i felt like i had to make it an easy transition! this entry is totally random but its just something i felt i had to do i guess! its not like many people still do lj it died a while ago lol but whatev!!

I hope to see a bunch of people this weekend at the homecoming game!!



I always will be wishing you were mine [Monday, September 4th, 2006|2:12 PM]
[ mood | confused ]

I've been convincing myself that i'm over you ever since i moved here so how come i can't get you out of my head? How come you're all i think about still? Why am I torturing myself by thinking of you all the time? Why do I still get nervous everytime I talk to you? It's not fair. I deserve someone so much better but why can't I move on?? Why do you still haunt my dreams? Why did I waste all those tears on you? When I'm alone why do I wish you were there with me? I can't do this anymore! I need you out of my life but I don't want to lose you as a friend! It seems I'm not allowed to hang out with you and I hate that! I wanna stay friends but I don't no if that's possible. There will never be anything between us even if you decide you want to I don't think I could have something with you!! I've spent too long dreaming of being with you! You took too long! I need to be over you! I just can't do this anymore! I think the only way to truly be over you is not to see you and I don't want that! I wanna see you, I wanna hang out with you! What did I get myself into? I wish everything was easy!! There are soo many nice boys here yet im still hung up on you?? I don't understand! I guess I just need to find another boy to take my mind off of you but everytime i do my thoughts still drift back to you! Will I ever truly get over you? I hope so because I can't wish anymore, I can't dream anymore! It's over I just need to forget about you forever there wasn't ever going to be anything and there never will be anything! Part of my is happy that there won't be anything but the majority of me is upset that there will never be anything!! I hate this!! I do fine and I'm almost over you but then I see you and hang out with you and all those feelings come rushing back! That's whats going to happen this year I'll be almost over you and then one of us will decide to visit the other and I'll fall head over heels for you again! That happened this summer and it's bound to happen again!! I don't regret anything but i wish the outcomes were different!!


~I hope you had the time of your life~ [Thursday, August 10th, 2006|6:59 PM]
[ mood | lazy ]

So 12 days and counting till i move to MSU!!! I cant believe it!!! i have sooooo much shit left to do still lol!!! i wanna hang out with people before i leave so let me know when!!


~Now everyone report to the dance floor~ [Monday, July 24th, 2006|12:17 AM]
[ mood | tired ]

Hey everyone!! so my weekend was a ton of fun!! heres what i did starting with friday!!
I babysat and actually had a lotta fun b/c me and bee combined forces and had a lotta funn with all 5 kids lol!! so after i had a drs appointment which was no where near as bad as i thoguht it would be except i had to get 2 shots and blood drawn so that sucked lol!! afterwards i went to jackies birthday party which was soo much funn!! and we played 4-square until one in the morning!!!
On saturday i woke up and went shopping with jackie i got a cute clutch and long sleeved shirt!! then i went to my "cousin" brian's grad party with jackie and bobby and our families!! that was funn we left and then paige, cait, bee, neil and erik came over to my house and we chilled for a little bit!! then we went to danny's house for a bonfire!! that was tremendous fun!! i love hanging out with those people b/c they are fun to be around!!
Today jackie called and asked if i wanted to go to the tigers game with her and her family so i went!! it was a lot of fun and the tigers won 8-4!! im amazed at how good they are this season!! i cant believe they are the best in the whole mlb!!! thats insane!! afterwards i came home and chilled then brian and sarah came over and we chilled for like 3 hours they ate over and it was a lotta fun!! im sooo glad they came!!! then i uploaded some music on my laptop and ang and bee picked me up1! we cruised for a whle and picked cait up then chilled at angelas house for an hour!!

Tomorrow i hafta babysit which is unfortunate!! i really wish i didnt have a job sometimes so i could just chill during the day but whatever its great money!! call if you wanna hang out this week!! im done babysitting at about 3:30!!!


~I need you to dance, i need you to strip~ [Friday, July 21st, 2006|12:45 AM]
Okay its been waaaaay too long since ive updated this thing and i dont feel like going to bed just yet!! okay so heres what ive been up to! ive been babysitting everyday which kinda sux but its good money and ive also been hanging out with my amazing friends!! i love them soo much!!! graduation parties have been a blast and im sad they are over!!! today i babysat what else is knew then got ice cream with danny and paige and went to neils house!! we played with ollie, and jumped on the trampoline!! it was fun!! i then went to the vet with my mom not for bobby like some of you think lol but for stella and had an interesting convo that i didnt wanna hear!! afterwards i went putt putting with danny, neil, and paige it was funn!!! afterwards me, cait, bee and ang went to leos whcih we had a lotta laughs at!!! i love my friends to death they are amazing!! anyways tomorrow im babysitting whcih hopefully will be fun b/c me and bee are gunna double team it up lol!! then i have a dr. appt. ewww :( which i really dont wanna go to i hate the drs.!!then i have jackies b-day party which i need to get a present for!! saturday i have my cousins grad party an di hope its funn!! so thats a lil update on my life!! maybe ill have more later!! but for now thats it!

~Best Weekend Ever~ [Tuesday, May 30th, 2006|2:59 PM]

So ive had an amazing weekend!! dispite being nervous for certain events but everything worked out very well!!! so heres a recap of my fun weekend
~It started thursday with chilling out with friends b/c of our half day then the honors convocation which was really long and boring but congrats to everyone who won scholarships that night!! me cait and bee slept over at angelas which was totally crazy and funn!! we went to taco bell at like midnight and i ate 4 fricken tacos it was insane!!
~Friday~ we woke up and bee, ang, and i went to get donuts from Tim's ive had 7 donuts in teh past 3 days lol!! thats insane!! so after i went home and got ready for work!! they had a cake and a card filled iwth money for me whcih was sooooo sweet!!! i loved working for gleeson constructors!! they are like the nicest people ever adn i will miss all of them!! i came home from work and went to paige's bbq at dannys house!! we had sooo much fun!!! there was a lotta good food and fun people including neil, erik, tim, kristin, cait, and bee!!! so after that we went to angelas house to hang out with more people when we got there ryan, scottie, and kellen were there!! we hung out outside and the guys "helped" build the deck!! actually they really did help!! i got some things out in the open which havent really sunk in with some people and i still dont no what to do but whatever!!! i wish i could just feel something instead of platonic feelings but whatever!! so we hung and chilled and had fun!!
~Saturday~ woke up and chilled i cleaned up for my birthday party!! then got ready to go to palace vision!! we went to ryans house for a bbq and then scottie, kellen, ryan, bee, ang, kristin, lauren, paige, liz and i all went to palace vision!!! we had fun for a while then we got bored and left at half time!! we went back to ryans and hung out cait joine which was fun and we laughed a lot which was good!!!
~Sunday woke up and got ready for my birthday party which was a lotta funn!! i got really good presents and my really good friends came for a little bit including ang, paige, bee, brad, cait, kellen, scottie, jackie and kristin!!! too bad not everyone stayed it would have been fun!! so after a while cait, kellen, paige and i watched white chicks which is such a funny movie!! we headed over to angelas for a lil bit and then came home
~Today~ we went swimming at josh's pool then me cait, ang, and kellen went to angelas pool whcih was funn cait left to go to work :( and then ryan, alyssa, liz, and scott came by!! we had fun tanning and jumping in the freezing pool!! bee came by then and lyss and scott and me went to get ice cream yumm!! then we came back and swam a lil more then went in the hot tub!! we went to murrays and party city to get car paint but they were closed and meijers didnt have any!!  
~this week~ is going to be amazing!!! Tomorrow is senior service day and the senior bbq/car painting then wednesday is seniors last walk and prom!! its all gunna be soooo much fun!!!


I love you youth group kids! [Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006|3:56 PM]
[ mood | I'll miss you guys!! ]

I just wanted to let all of you who go to the LaSallette Youth Group that i love all of you soooo much!!! you are all sooo special to me and will always hold a special place in my heart!!! You all made last night one of the most special nights ever!! i was soo touched by everything you had to say and it was seriously the perfect send-off for the seniors!!! i will miss all of you incredibly!!!! To all the seniors who left yesterday you have made the past four years fly b/c we were always having fun!! whether it was the bob sled, fish fry fridays, St. Vincet DePaul, Serving the old folks food, hating on Dantzer, or just chilling every monday night with you guys!!! I dont no what i will do on monday nights anymore!!! All 8 of you mean the world to me!!! I will miss you sooo much!!! good luck to all of you next year especially you alex!!! i no you will do great in the marines as will the rest of you whatever you have in store for your future!!! I will see you all at teh cap and gown mass on the 4th which you should all bring your autograph books so i can finish writing in them!!! you guys let me forget my problems for the hour and a half we spend with each other each week and that means the world to me!!! we will ALL keep in touch forever!!!! you guys are my family and i dont want any of you to forget that!!!!


~I hate boys~ [Sunday, May 21st, 2006|2:22 PM]
[ mood | confused ]

Is there anyone who can help me??? i doubt it!!! im confused about everything right now and i regret everythign too!!! i hate boys they're stupid!!!! i hate being a bitch too b/c thats all i am!!! im just as bad as that one guy if not worst!!! i hate this!!! i dont want to ruin anything!! why do i hafta be soo desperate??? i just wish i was in like second grade again where the biggest problem was losing your eraser!!! im a horrible person!!! i dont deserve anyone!!! Why do i hafta put up with all this shit!!! why did they break up thats what started all this!! id be fine if they were still together and id probly be waaay happier than i am right now!!! whatever im just gunna hafta deal with this shit and figure somethign out!!! i dont want to hurt anyone especially my friends but i dont no what to do??? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!


~I will never be with you~ [Tuesday, May 9th, 2006|5:37 PM]
[ mood | happy ]

So we have like 15 days left of school
Prom is coming up and im sooo excited!!!
I can't wait for graduation parties and summer and the all night party!!!
This last month is going to be an emotional roller coaster!!
I cant wait to graduate yet im scared at the same time!
I'm going to be really sad this month b/c its the end of everything we've known!!
The beginning of the lasts started with the ending of DECA!! Now everything is ending!!
I have no clue what to expect next year at state but im for sure excited!!!
I have soo much running through my mind right now that i dont even know where to begin!!
I have sooo much homework and stuff to do in the next few days!! its insane!!!
I'm exhausted but i have too much to do to take a nap!!
I'm just soo excited i can't help it!!!
I also dont want any more drama whatsoever no matter what it deals with or how little it is!! i just want everyone to be happy and have fun these next few weeks!!! its the last time for all of this!!


[Saturday, May 6th, 2006|4:26 PM]
I'm glad i matter so much to people it means a lot to me!

Everything is bigger in Texas!! [Thursday, May 4th, 2006|6:39 PM]
[ mood | sad ]

Heyyyy everyone!! im home from texas!!! it was absolutly amazing!!! i love texas soo much!!! so heres what i did the whole week i no its probly boring to you guys but i have nothing better to do lol!!
~Friday~woke up at 5 fricken in the morning!! got to the airport at like quarter to 7 and met up with cait, jackie, eric, nikole, matt, audrey and jerry!! we had a good flight i listened to music and looked out the window b/c i had a window seat it was totally sweet!! i sat next to eric and we had fun i slept a lil bit but not for too long i mostly looked at my magazines!! we got on the bus to go to our hotel but it ended up stalling on the freeway lol!! so we had to be transfreed to another bus!  so we got to teh hotel and got our rooms but jackie, caits and mine wasnt ready yet so we put our stuff in ms. cameron and ms. herrmaans room and went to lunch!! we ate at this amazing steak restaurant which proved everything is bigger in texas lol!! we went back to the hotel and fell asleep b/c our room was ready!! we woke up then went to some michigan deca meeting!! it was stupid we had to do stupid activities to help us meet other people but it didnt work b/c berkley deca stayed with each other the whole time lol!! we got ice cream then went to bed!
~Saturday~ we woke up and went to six flags!! the weather was shitty in the morning it was rainy and cold we waited in line for like an hour for pizza and then rode a couple rides we had to wait for like an hour for them to fix this one ride and it was a piece of shit ride lol!!! cait nikole and i watched cam, hermann, and jackie fall 152 feet which was really cool!! we went home and got ready for opening sessions! we ate at this amazing mexican restaurant i loved it and then went to opening sessions!! we got light sabers which were really cool and we had fun playing around with them and then nothing exciting happened but then all of a sudden BILLY GILMAN came out i was soo excited i love billy lol!! he sang a couple songs and then emerson drive came out i thought they were only gunna perform like one song but they ended up playing a whole concert for us!!! i was really bored and i dont like country music so i was dying lol!! we went back to the hotel and went to bed! 
~Sunday~ we woke up kinda early to take our test for quiz bowl!! we sat next to west bloomfield and then we had to move all around after we took our test jackie, cait and i, went to lay by the pool but ended up finding a rooftop to lay on it was sooo nice!! the weather was AMAZING!!!  so we laid out then ordered some pizza and had amazing pizza for dinner then we headed out to the rodeo!!! omg i love the rodeo it was really intense tho and i got scared!! this one bull was incredibly pissed and charged teh rodeo clown like twice!! they had really pretty horses there that had sparkeles on their backs and then they had bull whip crackers, and lasso artists and stunt riders! it was really cool!!  we came home and went to bed!
~Monday~ we woke up really early b/c we didnt no what time we were competing at so we got out of the hotel at like 7 and had breakfast with cam and herrmann! we went and checked out our time we were competing against nebraska for the first round!! we were all nervous but we ended up kicking their asses we beat them 22-9!! hell yeah!!so then we checked out some exhibits, bought some stuff, got free things, got our picture with bullseye the target dog and went to compete a second time!! we were nervous again and we lost :( New york beat us by 3 fuckin points!!! the score was 12-15 ahh it was soo annoyng!! we were really dissapointed but at the same time really proud of ourselves for how far we made it!! we left and went to subway then laid out in the sun again!! that night we ate at this place that was like a country western themed buffet!! we did some line dancing which was fun then went to the fashion show which had some really hot models!! then we went to the dance!! the dance was amazingly fun!! nikole, cait and i met this guy from ohio who was really funny and nice!! we danced with him for a while and then we left!! i also danced with this other guy but he wasnt as cool! after the dnace we went to sleep!
~Tuesday~ we woke up early to go to an awards session then went to breakfast and went shopping then we went to the sixth floor museum which was all about the JFK assasination!  it was in the school book depositry and it was really interesting!! it was sooo weird being in the place jfk died and we saw the grassy knoll and stuff it was insane!! it was soo close to our hotel too!! after we shopped some more, laid out by the pool had some pizza and went to the grand awards session!! it was soo boring!! it was almost 3 hours long!! and i almost died! lol!! after we went right to the michigan awards where the quiz bowl team was the only one not getting an award it sucked lol!! i was upset that night b/c it was my last deca event ever!! and it was really sad!!! 
~Wednesday~ we woke up early and got to the airport and played cards with jackie and matt i had a window seat again and took sweet pictures then i fell asleep and listened to music!! we landed after a little bit of turbulence and then came home! cait and i went to dinner and i came home and chilled!! 
~Today~ i woke up early to take the a.p. test and it sucked!! i went to nationals with cait and then saw everyone at angelas!! i came home and slept it was really nice!! im going to get ice cream later with bee if anyone wants to come call me!! sooo that was my amazing trip!! and i miss texas and deca already!! 

"Oh Jer"
"Can I get a Hell Yeah"
"Can I get a Yee-Haw"
"DECA ruins peoples lives"

"Yeah, We're pretty sweet"


~YEE-HAW BECKY~ [Thursday, April 27th, 2006|4:42 PM]
[ mood | stressed ]

Heyy guys wats up!! im leaving for Dallas tomorrow!! give me a call!!! I'll be home next Wednesday!! and im set for an amazing time!! i will miss you all!!!

"We're gunna rock this shit like it's never been rocked before"

Gotta love the quiz bowl girls lol!!!

Miss ya and see y'all when i get home!! (like my texan accent lol)



~Spring Break~ [Sunday, April 23rd, 2006|6:16 PM]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Heyy guys wats up!! i hope everyone had a great spring break!! i no i had a blast!! so i went to chicago with cait and it was soo much fun!!We had a blast we shopped soo much and i spent waaay too much money so now i dont have money for dallas lol!! anyways we went to the aquarium which was sweet and i now want a dolphin, a beluga whale, some star fish, otters and pretty fish for pets lol!! i think when i grow up im gunna own an aquarium with all the pretty animals lol!! we saw my cousin and met her new kitten which is adorable!! i wish i was 18 tho or even 21 it would have made the trip soo much better!! i was really hyper on the way home and learned different ways of singing lol!!! i missed everyone who was in florida!! im also jealous of everyone whos waaaay tanner/redder than me!! i think i would even take being sunburned rite now b/c its color lol!! so ill leave you with some pictures from my trip!!


~Spring Break~ [Saturday, April 15th, 2006|3:44 PM]
[ mood | happy ]

So its finally spring break!! im jealous of everyone going somewhere warm lol!! but im excited to just be getting outta michigan!! cait and i are gunna have a lotta fun going to chicago and shopping!!! and eating good food lol!!! so far my spring break has been fun!! starting with wednesday we had a ton of fun just hanging out talking and stuff it was a blast we had a lotta laughs that night!! including someone having an explosion in their pants lol j/k!!! thursday was also fun we just chilled again!! i worked earlier in the day and thats it!! friday was good i cleaned the house and chilled and hugn out with angela for a while we got ice cream and stuff!! and then rented 4 movies and people came over and we watched house of wax which was a good movie!!
so easter is tomorrow and im excited to dye eggs and stuff!! were having easter at our house which should be fun but kinda boring b/c none of my cousins are gunna be over b/c there all away or at college!! i leave monday and come home late thursday!! give me a call over the week if ya wanna!!!


[Monday, April 10th, 2006|7:39 PM]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey guys!!! theres really no point to this update other than the fact i do not wanna be studying for forensics lol!! So ive been thinking a lot these past few weeks scary i no!! and i realized how truly crazy senior year has been!!! so much has happened this school year!! theres been heartbreaks, new friendships, funny things, sad things and all the stuff in between!!! i mean i cant help but think of how much fun this year has been!!! and its soo sad that in 2 months we will be leaving it all behind and going our seperate ways!!! i hopefully will not forget anyone from berkley!! i see my self years from talking talking to one of my friends and being like remember that one kid and just reminiscing about all the good times we had at berkley!!! heres a list of everything good/bad/interesting that has happened this school year!! yeah some of you may not wanna read it but i think i will wanna look back at this entry and see how amazingly crazy my senior year was!!


[Saturday, March 18th, 2006|7:52 PM]
[ mood | loved ]

Hey guys wats up!! so i havent updated in a while likei cant even remember what my last update was about so anyways! Ill start with camp!! camp was soo much fun but it was tres tiring!! i became much closer with some people and its fun!! i wanted to kill most of the kids almost everyday and by the end of the week i was gunna kill the next person who asked "What are we doing next" "What are we having for breakfast/lunch/dinner" or "whats that activity about" or even "do we have cabin time yet" those are just a few of the annoying questions i was asked but i had a blast with all the cabin leaders! they were all soo much funn!! so a week after camp was DECA!!! i live for deca and it was amazing!!! the quiz bowl team kicked ass at every single comp we did well almost. we get to go to texas in april whcih is sooo sweet!! we came in second in the state which is absolutly amazing!! i love jackie for making us less nervous and helping us to calm down lol and i love cait b/c she made some timeless quotes "Ill shit on your face if your nervous" lol!!! i love you 2 sooo much and were gunna be the new cowgirls in town1!! everyone did a really good job at DECA and there are 7 seniors going to texas!!! its gunna be fun!! i wish brad was going tho he really deserves it hopefully next week he will hear something!! the fashion show is coming up in almost a month!! thats crazy!!! brad, ang, bee, ross, tansy and i all went to great lakes today to find a store!! that was a lotta fun!! we had a lotta fun together and i love our group soo much!!! We got RUE 21 for our store and they have sweet clothes!! we need to find some songs majorly!!! all in all ive been having a great few weeks!! Right now my brothers band is playing and i need someone to call me to get me outta here ahh!!! i will have pictures for you all later but i havent uploaded some yet so i will have camp and deca pics up either tonite or tomorrow i havent decided yet lol1!


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