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Berkley High School - Berkley MI (2002 - 2006)
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anything harry potter, boys, california, csi, dan radcliffe, dancing, deca, eating, food, football games, forensic science, foriegn guys, friends, friends the show, green day, guys with accents, hanging with friends, homecoming, hot guys, jake gylenhal, johnny depp, marketing, maroon 5, movies, music, my ipod, orlando bloom, prom, rachel mcadams, ryan gosling, shane west, shaun biggerstaff, soccer guys, soccer in general, taking pictures, the bear, the killers, the notebook, youth group
What do you wanna know?? im 18 finally going to MSU and its soo much fun!! i love my roommates and almost everything about college except laundry which can suck my ass lol! im currently single and always ready to hang out with the boys lol!!! i love my friends to death!!! I've had such an interesting year!! but i love it so much!!! i live in like the boringest city ever: Berkley!! theres never anything to do!! i love watching movies and jsut chilling with my bestest friends!! im soo sick of the shitty weather in michigan and cant wait till its summer!!!\ i have a puppy named stella and she is soo cute!!! i also have a brother bobby who most of you know hes a junior at berkley!!! so thats my life!!! hit up the myspace @ or im me @ PADFOOT61088 id love to meet new people!!